MTO is one of the few agencies that combine Amazon expertise with traditional brand marketing, advertising and sales expertise, which allows us to go beyond generic one-size-fits-all services. We seek to understand your brand and products, which enables us to make better content for them, give your brand more exposure on Amazon and maximize your results.

The European retail channel landscape has been going through important changes. We have all been watching the online channel gain in strength and market share year after year. Initially countries like the United Kingdom showed a greater affinity to etail, however the trend has gradually spread out across the region and there are few, if any, countries left in which the online channel has not taken a major share of the overall consumer market.

And of the online channel, no other player has succeeded better than Amazon in taking market share. Amazon is now the 2nd largest consumer channel organisation in the world after Walmart. Germany and the UK are their two largest markets outside of America and achieve over $23 billion in sales annually.

Amazon is also the only pan-EMEA etail organisation with a leading presence in our 5 largest markets: UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Few product-focused retail or etail organisations have accomplished this in the past.

We specialize in managing the sales and marketing of your products on Amazon across Europe in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Your Sales Options

There are two different ways of selling on Amazon:

  • Through a Vendor Central account, which means that you sell your products to Amazon and Amazon then sells your products to consumers. Of course they take a margin for this, as does a retailer in the brick and mortar world. In this model, Amazon will hold inventory and manage the supply chain for your products. However, they will not give much, if any, support in the presentation of your products on their site and management of promotional and marketing activities. This is your responsibility, and this is where we can add huge value to your business.
  • Through a Seller Central account, which means that you act as your own reseller on the Amazon marketplace, selling directly to consumers. In this model, Amazon does not earn a margin on the sales of your goods, but you need to pay them commissions for being present in their marketplace. The level of the commissions depend on the product category. For additional fees, Amazon will provide you with various services, such as "Fulfilled by Amazon," which means they will handle supply chain for you. Note that in this model, you will be required to send consignment inventory to the Amazon warehouses. Once again, you are responsible for the presentation of your products and for driving sales through promotions and marketing campaigns. This is where we can help you.

Our Services

  • If you are a large corporation outsourcing the basic product listing function to Amazon Vendor Services, we can provide you tailor-made solutions to complement the Amazon services. This may include creation/maintenance of A+ content and brand stores, management of your AMS advertising activities, answering consumer questions and providing back-up support for your basic product listings. The AVS teams are not always the quickest in responding to urgent requests to correct product content or place new visual material, especially on weekends. We are available 24/7, just like the Amazon consumer platform, and have deep knowledge of the Amazon systems, so we can get things done fast.

  • For mid-sized companies, we can handle all Amazon sales and marketing activities, including basic product listings with textual and visual content, A+ content, brand stores, management of AMS advertising campaigns to your specified budgets, Amazon Vine submissions and follow-up, submission of your products to Lighnting Deals and other promotions and answering of customer questions/complaints. We can also handle distribution of your products to the 5 national Vendor Central accounts, and/or re-sell your products in our pan-European Seller Central marketplace account.
  • For small companies just starting up on Amazon, we can provide all of the above services, plus go a step further in helping you create/modify your brand story for the European consumer, create visual material for you with photo-shoots and create textual product content from scratch based on what-ever product information you can provide us. We can also help you with VAT compliance, pan-European FBA, or completely take over sales of your products across Amazon Europe in Amazon's direct Vendor accounts and our own marketplace Seller account. Depending on your product catgegory, we could also help you to build up a distribution network to reach the traditional European channels.