The high-level model for driving consumer sales growth on Amazon is the same as for driving growth in traditional retail, however the methods and tools used are different. It starts with product placement, but presenting product optimally on a shelf in a store is widely different from best-practise for online placement.

You can drive sales of your products by running promotional activities. In traditional retail, the options for promoting vary depending on the organisation. You can run in-store promotions, sales incentives, or you can be present in the retailer's fliers or advertising, include your products in their loyalty programs and more. You can achieve the same goals on Amazon, but the methods are different.

Online sales experts are a new breed of sales executives with skills sets that are very different from the sales people we are used to. A mix of product marketing, graphics, sales, consumer marketing, excellent writing skills and very strong internet/computer skills are required.

Most companies split their European Amazon teams up into several offices spread out across several countries due to the language requirements. You need native German, French, Italian, Spanish and English speakers to get this job done, and it is not easy to find a ready supply of such people in the same city. It can be done by relocating people, but this can quickly become very expensive.

The result of having these teams working in several different locations is a great loss in efficiency, much duplication of effort and minimal best-practise sharing.

We decided to locate our Amazon competence centre in Dubai, because here we have found solutions to many of the problems explained above. There is a large international pool of business professionals here, so we are able to maintain a strong team of Amazon sales experts in one location, unifying all of the languages and skills required to successfully drive sales your products on Amazon.

There is virtually no duplication of efforts in our team and best-practise sharing is easy when your colleagues are sitting across from you in an open air office.

Finally, the cost of doing business in Dubai is low as compared to most European cities. The result of all this is that we can provide your company with a high-quality and efficient service, with better performance and at lower costs than what you could achieve in-house.