Merchandising Techniques Online was the idea of two old friends, Frederic Mauger and Stephen Daverio, who started working together in France in the consumer electronics industry almost 25 years ago.

Between the two of them, they have gathered many years of sales and marketing experience in companies
like Swatch, Carrefour, Logitech, SanDisk, Olivetti, Ryght and Mobility Lab.

They’ve built up their experience working across multiple countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa,
with extensive knowledge of how the European retail and
etail channels function in virtually all
areas of the region.

As Amazon first entered the European market and began expanding their presence, Steve, Fred and their
teams adapted to this new channel and worked to integrate it into their distribution networks to successfully
grow the sales of several companies.

They have put together a small international team of multi-lingual professionals including Giulia, Shokir, Virginie,
Emilie, Jeff, Stefanie and more. We have trained them to become multi-talented Amazon sales and marketing
experts with content management, branding, advertising, visual merchandising and sales skills.

Most Amazon specialists today grew up in the young online generation and missed out the great legacy of years and years
of traditional brand marketing, sales and advertising experience.

MTO is one of the few agencies that combine Amazon expertise with traditional brand marketing, advertising and sales
expertise, which allows us to go beyond generic one-size-fits-all services. We seek to understand your brand and products,
which enables us to make better content for them, give your brand more exposure on Amazon and maximize your results.